AVC Hospitality

"Negative thoughts lead to negative results. Think POSITIVE!”

AVC Hospitality

Hotel industry is getting tougher and more competitive than ever

Nowadays many tools and platforms are being sold on the market to assist hotels. Unfortunately, most of them are distracting you from the real objectives. Antoine assists you through the BASICS of hospitality, hotel Management, team management, product management and guest dedication to make THE difference. Although Antoine never forgets the basics, his approach is innovative and inspiring

His programs and assistance focus on what’s inside people (Teams and Guests) rather than just on the external behaviors

Training, Coaching & Consulting offers, developing one's Emotional Intelligence, perception and Senses

Its programs are dedicated to people working in/with Hotels, Restaurants, 
Serviced Apartments, Airlines, Hospitals, Hotel Management Companies, Sales' people of all fields and all Corporates strongly dealing with services to Customers

AVC hospitality is a brand of PT. Avicindo Hotel Manajemen

AVC's Vision

To be a trusted and reputable Partners for hotels’ Teams and Owners

AVC's Mission

To assist people to reach both their own targets and their Companies' one

AVC’s Principle & Value

Never lie to our Clients

Always stay loyal to our Cients


Graduated from Glion hotel School in Switzerland,
Antoine has been enjoying his Passion for the past 25 years in France, South Africa, Reunion Island and, in Indonesia since 2005.
Thanks to a strong operational background due to his experiences with Sofitel, Novotel, IbisAston and Harris and  few years as Corporate Director of Sales, Marketing & Distribution for Tauzia Hotel Management 

Antoine is now  sharing his Passion for Hospitality through Training, Coaching and Consulting.

Each person is unique with its own way to perceive and to understand its environment. Antoine's approach is based on the Perception, the People and the Senses which has a powerful positive impact and effect on one's behavior and the company's results.

Antoine is also a EQ-i 2.0 certified professional by MHS Inc.