AVC Hospitality

"Negative thoughts lead to negative results. Think POSITIVE!”

Innovative & inspiring Experiences

We facilitate new mindset and unleash Potential

Team member's Emotional Intelligence and abilities to work together are the main assets of a Company

"INNOVATIVE & INSPIRING": All our programs include an introduction to Emotional Intelligence as we strongly believe that the way we perceive our environment, the way we understand our and others' emotions are essential to succeed

"EXPERIENCES":  We  involve all the Participants into experiences they will enjoy;  to learn, to remember and to implement properly what has been shared

"Tell me and i forget. Teach me and i remember. Involve me and i learn." Benjamin Franklin

Training modules

* Leadership: Highly emotional                                                              1 day

* The Roles of the hotel General Manager                                         1 day

* Marketing & Sales: BE the difference                                               2 days

* Customer Oriented Hotel Pre-Opening training                           TBA

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Please contact me for further information about the training's programs: antoine@avchospitality.com